About Us

Generations Insurance Partners is an independent life insurance agency dedicated to finding every client a personalized and affordable policy that meets their needs. 

We were founded to ease the burden clients were facing of navigating the complex and ever-changing world of life insurance alone. 

Rather than working to boost the profits and sell the products of any one carrier, we work for YOU, the client. 

Our client-first approach gives you fast, expert access to the best policies on the market, for the lowest prices. 

  • Get instant access to quotes on personalized policies from across the life insurance market.
  • Find life insurance solutions even if you have been rejected by carriers before. 
  • Enjoy the lowest premiums possible for your type of policy.
  • Receive expert guidance every step of the way. 

How We Do It

Our ability to deliver instant, personalized, and affordable life insurance policies is driven by our online resources, live insurance experts, and long-standing connections throughout the life insurance world. 

Online Resources

Our technology allows us to consult every one of our insurance partners instantly, so you see your options within seconds. 

Submit your quote request online by answering a few simple questions, and receive accurate, personalized quotes immediately.

In addition, our online resources deliver expert insights and information about life insurance with just a few clicks. Get FREE, instant access to the following:

Live Insurance Experts

Our insurance experts possess decades of experience in the life insurance industry, and they are ready to help YOU. 

Access live assistance to answer all of your questions and receive personalized quotes over the phone. FREE phone consultations are available 24/7; simply call us at 1-855-613-9411.

Long-standing Industry Connections

Generations Insurance Partners can offer you the best policies and rates in the industry because we are connected to dozens of insurance carriers. 

Thanks to these long term partnerships, we have access to a wide variety of insurance types, policies and rates. 

We use our partnerships to obtain the discounts and accommodations you need, find solutions when you’ve been rejected before, and identify the life insurance solutions that work for your specific situation. 

We have  been serving clients like you for seven years. With thousands of happy customers, we have a track record of success that you can trust. 

Generations Insurance Partners is committed to you, and prepared to help. We look forward to working for you!