Why Use an Independent Life Insurance Company?

Your first step when choosing a life insurance company is to decide between an independent agency and an exclusive one. 

Exclusive (sometimes referred to as captive) life insurance agencies only sell insurance policies for a single carrier (e.g. Prudential or Northwestern Mutual). Independent agencies, on the other hand, represent many different insurance carriers. 

Thanks to their greater flexibility, independent agencies are almost always the best choice for obtaining the most appropriate life insurance policy for your specific situation. Here is why: 

Independent agencies work for you. 

Exclusive life insurance companies have one goal: To sell you their specific products and services. Your interests and needs come second to their goal of making money for their single carrier. 

Independent agencies, on the other hand, are motivated to work for you because they do not get paid by any specific insurance company. They only get paid when you purchase insurance. 

As a result, their focus is on finding the insurance solutions that satisfy your needs. With their focus on you and not on selling specific products and services, you enjoy personalized attention and end up with a much more satisfactory policy. 

Independent agencies offer more choices. 

The key to finding the best insurance policy for your needs is having knowledgeable access to as many different policies as possible. 

Exclusive agencies offer you access only to the policies available through the company with which they are associated. That limits your options. You might end up with a policy that does not fit your needs.  

Independent agencies, on the other hand, offer you access to the insurance products of dozens of insurance companies. As a result, you have many more life insurance options available to you. 

In addition, an independent agency will use their knowledge of life insurance to walk you through your options so you can easily find the policy that works for you.  

Independent agencies solve tough insurance problems. 

Obtaining life insurance is not always easy. Pre-existing conditions, for example, can make it challenging to find an insurance carrier willing to provide you with a policy. 

Exclusive life insurance agencies are usually more likely to deny you coverage if they do not have a policy that fits with your needs. They cannot offer you solutions that their carrier does not have. 

Independent life insurance agencies, on the other hand, have access to hundreds of life insurance products and they are motivated to find you a policy that works for your situation. 

As a result, independent agencies can often find a carrier willing to, say, work with your pre-existing condition. That means that you are more likely to receive appropriate coverage if you work with an independent agency. 

Independent agencies save you money. 

Life insurance rates vary depending upon the carrier you use and the specific policy you purchase. Usually, however, you will pay higher rates if you use an exclusive agency. 

Independent life insurance companies can use their access to numerous life insurance policies to shop around and find you the lowest rates for a policy that meets your needs. Exclusive agencies can only offer you the rates available through their single carrier. 

With the motivation and the resources to save you money, independent agencies offer you the best access to affordable life insurance. 

Independent life insurance agencies have a number of advantages over exclusive life insurance agencies because they represent many different carriers. 
If you want access to the widest variety of life insurance policies, while enjoying personal attention, creative solutions, and affordable rates, choose an independent agency like Generations Insurance Partners. We look forward to meeting your life insurance needs!